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Chloé Delaure Naked girl on Wet2Nude

Chloé Delaure

Chloé Delaure is a very sexy French porn star, she was born on June 2nd. This blonde with the brown eyes of 30 years possesses adorable larges breast and an undeniable potential.

Audrey Rose Messy and naked model

Audrey Rose

You will certainly be delighted by Audrey Roses’s bluish eyes. This so pretty 22 years girl is bathing your mind in a sweet mix between shines and boldness.

Yolanda an amateur model naked on wet2nude


Yolanda is a young Russian student that I met in Paris at the terrace of a bar. She think funny the idea to pose naked, for her it is simply a new experience.

Sara Erotic Model


Sara teaches the sciences in a high school, naturally these pupils ignore her other activities. She likes showing herself for some photographers and admits a pleasure for masturbation. She realizes for me some wetlook series which lets you discover in the next few weeks.

Clhhara Erotic Model


Clhhara is a very creative girl, she plays with her body and produces artistic performances. She often erotic pictures.

Monica Erotic Model


Porn actress in europe, Monica well knows camera, this beautiful young woman with very white skin could become professional fashion model.

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Katia and Steffy Lesbians from Spain

Katia & Steffy

Lesbians from Spain.

Starla Candy Amateur Porn Actress

Starla Candy

This pretty blonde is a charming little amateur that comes from the south of France! Amateur, because she does not live the porn, and does not intend to make a trade. She poses for photos and videos just for fun and especially ours. She’s a love of girl.

Lou Charmelle French Porn Actress

Lou charmelle

Porn actress since 2008, she also works in the USA for Evil Angel, Digital Playground, Penthouse, Brazzers …

Johanna Amateur Erotic Model


This pretty young woman with angelic face sometimes goes for a girl innocent and fragile, sometimes to a tigress ready to seize its prey. Student in third year of medical school, very studious she reveals her passion for wetlook and exhibition. A pretty girl that we should not lose sight of because it is quite possible that it could come back another time to get wet for me.

Calia B Erotic wetlook model

Calia B

Calia B is French porno star. She began with a few nights in the biggest libertines clubs of France, then she has chosen to embrace the career of porn star. Her sexual preferences are more varied, bisexual, she loves the sensuality of caresses, but also sodomy. Passionate about dance, Calia B is a very attractive young woman.

Olga Cabaeva Erotic Wet model

Olga Cabaeva

Russian Porn Star shoot from a spanish beach

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Age: 35 Height: 170 cm Measures: 85B-60-85

Angelina Johns

Age: 30 Height: 170 cm Measures: 90C-60-90

Shannya Tweeks

Age: 30 Height: 165 cm Measures: 90C-60-90

Lola Erotic Wet Model


Pretty brunette, soft and sometimes crazy. Life is sometimes complicated, we can not say that life in pink it was for her. But a true strength of character that is flowing in her. Lola is a girl bubbly and full of charm.

Malia Erotic Model


Nurse student, Malia is a young beginner model. This girl with perfect curves and with angel smile have lot of pleasure in water and we could see it !

Sidney Amateur Glamour Model


Pretty, and cool… Here is what we can say by looking Sidney’s portrait. She’s a beginner as a model, let’s discover her first nude photo shoot.

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Sima Young Web Model


Sima is quite strict in her week working life. But she knows that slacking in the water is a great way to have rest … and a lot of sensuals moments. Be curious, watch her discreetly, but if you cross her fire glance, you will melt !!!

Aude Nude Web Model


Aude’s incredible shapes will turn you crazy as soon as you will see her under the shower… sure you will noticed that she perfectly knows how to move to emphasize her beauty ! Be careful, you won’t be able to get her image out of your thoughts !

Kimy Erotic Wetlook Model


Kimy is a perfect model for erotic pictures… long legs, pretty bum and boobs and last but not least a so provocative glance. This 21 years old girl loves to try all ways to have fun and so she ran under the shower for us, and it’s really sexy !!!

Kathoo Fetish Model


This long and thin young woman seems to have a discrete personnality but she is a fire temperement ! Let me introduce you Kathoo, this brunette won’t let you indifferent !

Lily Young Erotic Model


Just 18 years old, Lily is already a woman in all her beauty…At the beginning shy like a little doll, she quickly discover how fun it is to be kinky in front of a camera ! With her volptuous breast, delicious curves, and her more than hot eye, she has a sex-appeal you can’t forget !

Morgana Fata Erotic Web Model

Morgana Fata

Morgana Fata is a model for a few years now.. She’s really nice in lot of points : beautiful, sensual, playful and professionnal. Hope you will enjoy the great sets we did in the hot water of this summer !

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Leanne Erotic Wetlook Model


This pretty brunette, with her so cute face and slim body could be your neighbor… She might appear shy and discrete, but no, she’s a girl with a great sex-appeal, and she loves to tease you, do you doubt about it ? Just watch at the pics and you will believe me !

Camille Young Erotic Model


At the first glance Camille’s natural charms will operate on you… This girl is really mischievious, I let you discover her by yourself…

Rachel Erotic Model


Maybe Rachel has a teenager look… but she is rather a kinky girl, I’m sure you will see it in the different shootings we did with her.

Caroline Erotic Model


Even if she seems to be a bit icy at the first view, Caroline appears to be so pretty and a so sweet girl when she get wet in so slinky clothes?

Miss Anne Thropy Burlesque Model

Miss Anne Thropy

Colored hair, piercings and tattoos, Miss Anne Thropy is the perfect image of nowadays Pin-up. As she is a purlesque dancer and striper, she is allways sensual and smily, it’s a real pleasure to watch her having fun in the water !

Mina Erotic pin up


Seductive smile, ember glance, this little scrap of doll is fairy. For quite one year, I wait for Mina to come and play in the shower for me. I must confess that I am not despite at all by the result. Two scorching shoots, where Mina plays all the time with water enjoying herself. For any hot vivid sets like that you can come back when you like Mina.

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Mathilde Erotic model


A real redhead beauty like there is not so much… Her pale skin react so wonderfully with the hot or cold water. Well, I leave you admire Mathilde !

Magda Erotic Wetlook Model


Magda has a so nice athletic body and really knows how to be sexy, too ! Wearing a transparent dress or a street outfit with blue-jeans, she is the feminity at the best !

Lisa Erotic Model


Artist since the beginning, Lisa is ending her studies at “Beaux Arts” school. Modelling is for her a passion and a way to pay her studies. Maybe in a few years she will be a star but for now she gives us pretty moments full of sensuality.

Laura Fox Porn actress

Laura Fox

Maybe you already met Laura on the net, this so pretty sexy brunette. No contest she is a bit debauched and has plenty of clips and shoots to her credit. Laura has caught a buzz for life and men. That’s not a reason to prevent her from romantic life. That’s in France that she found her prince charming. Here you can see a lustful encounter for two very very wet shoots.

Jenu Ocean Erotic Model

Jeny Ocean

Here you can see a natural beauty with a great charm. This young woman comes from south of France and this way she is used to warmth but she didn’t hesitate to jump in icy water for her. No way !! Her chubby profile won’t escape to you and so won’t her wonderful boobs not either. Sportswoman, Jenny works on her body many hours per week to reach this result. Please continue your job ; this outcome is our great pleasure.

Stephy Black erotic model


Just nineteen years old but Stephy is a pure ebony glamour girl. She has a sturdy character and such a gorgeous body that she will delight everyone.

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Marie Erotic Model


When she is modelling this small girl switches to “atomic bomb girl”. This incredible hellraiser woman, artist at heart is an artistic match made in heaven.

Eva Amateur Erotic model


Eva is an uncompromising and headlong girl and she sticks at nothing. Anytime doing service she is often a good angel but for me she will stay a hellraiser.

Nine Young erotic model


Small breast lovers be on your way !! Nine is a voluptuous busted girl. Even if she is only 19 years old she already drives all her fans crazy. But What about her ? She loves uniforms too, stay at attention !!

Elo nude model


Her nickname is “The clown” but this imp girl is giving us her natural beauty. So be selfish !! Dive in right now !!

Mac Erotic wet girl


Mac’s appeal and experience makes her a perfect model, she is anytime playing with light in a perfect look daggers. And now let’s dive in her appeal and sultry.

Charlotte Erotic Model


A young english woman in love with France. Charlotte travels all over the world but she is feeling at home in France. The takes advantage of her short stop in Paris to make me a short hello.

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Cindy Lopes Erotic model

Cindy Lopes

Cindy is a young and fizzy Parisian 22 years old young woman. In parallel with her artist life she is studying in a high make-up school. After a few years in the sun lights she will build her life backstage.

Ange Erotic model


This blond and willowy pretty girl is named Ange but in fact nothing to see with her name. This hot and gorgeous girl living in north of France is showing us her wet pleasure to arouse us.